New Dawn Fitness Studio

Cranleigh, Surrey

At New Dawn Fitness we have an enthusiastic team of the very best, advanced level instructors who want to share their passion for exercise with you!


We motivate and inspire you, we get you the results that you want from attending our classes. We manage to achieve this with our level of expertise, our attention to detail and our genuine care for every individual client, in every class.


Our classes are open to everyone of every age and every level but we also specialise in some specific classes such as yoga to suit very overweight, inflexible bodies...that's our "Every Body Yoga".  And, for the guys who train hard in the gym, have a physical job, cyclists, horseriders, runners, football & rugby players...that's our "Tight Guys Yoga". Our "Pre/postnatal Pilates" is (obviously) for mummies & mummies to be...stay toned and flexible not only in preparation of birth but beyond baby too. Not forgetting "Gentle Pilates" for beginners, if you feel unfit and want an easier class, a little older or if you are in a recovery period of your life.


And if it's a personal trainer that you are looking for then you won't find better than here...with 20+ years experience specialising in fatloss and body sculpting with hard driven sessions focused on results you won't be disappointed.


We are different from other classes, gyms & leisure centres...try us and see!


"In ten sessions, you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, and in thirty you'll have a whole new body."

- Joseph H. Pilates